The ENCODE Project at UVa

( ENCyclopedia Of DNA Elements )

Working Group:

Anindya Dutta
Primary Investigator
Bioch. & Molecular Genetics
Neerja Karnani
Research Scientist
Bioch. & Molecular Genetics
Chris Taylor
Graduate Student
Computer Science
Ankit Malhotra
Graduate Student
Computer Science

Project Description:

The goal of NHGRI’s ENCODE project is to identify and develop technology to identify all functional elements in the recently completed human genome sequence. To accomplish this NHGRI has funded a collection of different groups to examine, in detail, 1% of the human genome sequence. These groups are employing various experimental and computational techniques to identify regulatory sites within the DNA sequence.

Project Data:

The current project data resides here

Project Results:

A summary of the project results will be posted when available.

Useful Links:

The ENCODE Project
UCSC Genome Browser